We are looking approximately north across the Greek plains from the ancient city of Platea (above).  In 479 BC the Greeks defeated Xerxes and the Persian army in their third and final clash thereby setting the stage for the Golden Age and all that came afterward (In the first battle, the Greeks famously lost at Thermopylae and in the second decisively won a surprising yet painful sea victory at Salamis).

The Persians set up camp on the far ridge with the Greeks residing in the foreground.  The river Asopus ran east to west in the now agricultural valley that lies between.  The final confrontation saw the Athenians, Spartans and Tegeans attacking from the right, sweeping down into the valley towards the Asopus while the Persians crossed the Asopus to engage.


Rachel and I celebrated the battle victory over a fine Greek lunch (right) in a small village nearby Platea and on our way to Delphi (2012).