We arrived to our hotel about 2 AM in the morning and actually got some sleep.  First up when we woke was a familiar lunch next to the Agora, gazing up towards the Acropolis.  Afterwards we explored the Agora, including its splendid museum pottery, and then hiked up and around to the other side of the Acropolis to visit the Theater of Dionysus and the Acropolis museum.

The new Acropolis museum is fabulous and truly first class (pictured above).  Constructed to showcase the antiquities found on and around the Acropolis, the designers also cleverly created space for the yet-to-be negotiated return of the Elgin marbles that currently reside in the British museum.  Since I was a boy I have always felt the Elgin marbles belonged in Athens.  There is really no excuse now – please bring them home!!

Continuing to circle the Acropolis, a casual stroll through the Plaka and flea market led us eventually to Syntagma Square where a hailed cab that took us atop the Lycabettus for sunset photos of sprawling Athens and the bay of Salamis.  Walking back down, dinner and drinks followed back in the Plaka. Yea, we stayed up all day!