Greece 2014 – Day 16 – Loutro

The Samaria gorge resides within the Cretan White Mountains, a landscape that remains very difficult to traverse, even on foot.  It is within the White Mountains that over the centuries enclaves of Cretans outlasted their intruders and carved out life on their terms.

We were no exception.  To move 25 miles east along the southern coast of Crete we had to drive 100 miles in total to the north coast, then east, then back south, around the White Mountains, until we arrived to our next destination, Loutro.

We were attracted to Loutro for peace, quiet and swimming, facilitated by the fact that you can arrive there only by ferry, boat or foot.  We chose foot, driving as close as we could, and walking the remaining 30 minutes.

This video shows a portion of our final 5 miles or so to our walking point of departure.  I love the freedom of exploring by car and this vignette is playful example of unplanned adventure to be had in unknown lands.